Brenda Laird

Fayetteville, Arkansas Disney Vacation Planner

I have always loved DISNEY!! As a child I waited all week for Sunday's Wonderful World of Disney television show. I was glued to the TV until it was over with my eyes welling with tears as it came to the end of the show. My parents would take us every year during Christmas break to re-see whichever Disney movie was released for the year. This was back when you could get a video or DVD of the movies. My parents took my sister and me to Disney World when I was 13. I remember the first look at the signs as we entered the grounds and the excitement was so overwhelming that I started crying before getting out of the car. I remember my parents becoming childlike and skipping through the park with my sister and me; it was wonderful to play with my parents as if we were all children. Later in life I had the opportunity to move to Florida with my four year old daughter who already had a DVD collection of Disney movies. I took her every moment I could and played in the parks through her eyes. It became "our place" — the best playground in the world. 

On our last visit before we moved away from Florida, my daughter (13 years old) and I took one last trip together. Hand in hand we took in every image, smell, feeling and magic we could from every corner of each park. The last thing we saw were the fireworks at Magic Kingdom over the castle and as they played "When you Wish Upon a Star" we both held onto each other and cried. I bought her the biggest Mickey Mouse we could find and as we drove away she buried her face in the top of his head and cried until she finally fell asleep. I get choked up just thinking about that.


Of course we have gone back multiple times since. Disney World will always be "our place" even though my daughter is now 26 years old and married. I get excited anytime someone mentions going to Disney World, and I want to help them plan the most magical time of their lives whether they are taking their children, grandchildren or going with adults. Of course, in the Orlando area there are other parks and sites to see and I have enjoyed them all, but Disney magic can not be matched in my eyes. Let me help you plan the best vacation ever!!