Heather Bollerman

Mahwah, New Jersey Disney Vacation Planner

Hi, I’m Heather! I currently live in New Jersey and I have a daughter. In our free time we like going to zoo’s, aquariums, and museums. I look her on her first trip when she was 4 years old and luckily, she fell in love with Disney as much as I did, and we haven’t turned back. We love going on rides together and she will go on anything she is tall enough to ride. 

As a child I didn’t go to Disney. My first trip happened when I was 17 years old going with my best friends’ family. And boy when I say that magic comes right up to you and nearly knocks you over. It was amazing! I remember being mesmerized by everything around me, and I hadn't even step foot into the park yet. Then when stepping into Magic Kingdom, the sights, the sounds, and the smells it takes you over. Although I have always been a huge fan of Disney movies, that trip is where I fell in love with Disney. Even with being older the magic took over me and it’s something I’ll never forget. And that is something I hope I can do for my clients!