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7 Things I've Learned About Taking a Baby to Disney World

I first went to Disney when I was 10 years old and ever since then Disney has been a big part of my life! I’ve been to Disney for dance trips, graduation, and even my honeymoon. I knew when I had my daughter in August of last year that I wanted Disney to be part of her life just like it’s been part of mine. She had her first Disney trip in December when she was just three months old!

Here are some things I learned about taking a baby to Disney World:

#1 It is totally doable to go to Disney with a baby!

If you are thinking about it, DO IT! My family has always done Disney from rope drop to park closing every day. Yes, we're those people. I knew I had to lower my expectations for this trip since we were bringing our 3 month old. Going into the trip with that mindset really helped keep me from becoming frustrated and anxious when we weren't able to do everything we normally do. What I did not expect was that by lowering my expectations, we completely exceeded them.

#2 Disney has Baby Care Centers

The baby care stations are a nice place if you need somewhere quiet for a bit but if you want privacy to nurse or pump this might not be the place for you. However, if you forgot something you can almost always find it here — wipes, diapers, change of clothes, etc. They also have a microwave you can warm up food and a place to warm bottles. It's also a good air conditioned place to go if you and baby just need a break for a little while.

#3 Taking a stroller to Disney is a totally different ball game!!

I was dreading having to use it, but I’m so glad we had it. Much easier than carrying everything like we normally do. There are multiple places to park your stroller when you wait in line or when you just need a break from it. We drove to Disney, so we just brought our own stroller. If you're flying to Orlando though, there are companies that rent strollers for a reasonable prices. Disney also rents strollers for park use only (you can't take them back to your resort with you) and they only have a limited number, so there's always a chance they'll run out if you aren't getting to the park early in the day.

#4. Getting a stroller on and off the Skyliner has a learning curve!

This was pretty hard for me. I found that if you go in backwards, walking backwards into the Skyliner car and then pulling the stroller in after you, it was easier. Don't worry, though. The cast members are watching and will slow down and even stop the Skyliner if needed to get you on safely.

#5 Rider swap is great!

My husband got to wait in all the lines while baby and I did other things and, when he was done on the ride, I got to go through the Fastpass+ line! I walked right on to Expectation Everest, Flight of passage, and Rockin' Rollercoaster.

#6 Magic Band charging privileges are a life saver.

Link your credit card to your magic band. This was the first time I did this and it was so much easier than trying to dig out my wallet every time we wanted to buy something! This is an especially good option when you are in a hurry because the baby is crying or needing to be fed or changed soon.

#7 Seeing the magic through your child's eyes is MAGICAL!

Overall Disney with a baby is a totally different experience than going as just a couple. I had more fun on this trip than I ever have. It was so fun watching my little one look around at everything and even smile at Mickey and Pluto when we got to meet them.

So, if you have a baby and want to go to Disney, please do it!!! You will not regret it!

About the Author:

Mary Beth and her husband both grew up in Disney-loving households, visiting the parks often with their respective families and then as a couple. Now, as a new parent, Mary Beth is experiencing the parks in a whole new way.

Contact Mary Beth today to start your magical vacation!


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