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If you booked your vacation directly through Disney within the last 30 days, and have not paid the balance in full, we can still provide you with all of our complimentary concierge services! All you have to do is submit a completed transfer form allowing us to be your travel agent. Your current booking remains the same, but this just informs Disney that you are authorizing us to do your planning and discount monitoring.

Click here to download and complete the transfer form, then email it back to your Diserella agent or to

If you booked directly with a Disney Destination more than 30 days ago and/or have paid in full, it may be possible to cancel and re-book your vacation so that you can still take advantage of our free planning services. 

Warning: DO NOT cancel your current vacation until a Diserella agent has been able to place a new reservation on hold for you. Please e-mail us at for further assistance.

If you are unable to transfer or re-book your reservation or are staying in a timeshare or other off-site property, we would still love to help you.  However, we must charge a fee for our services in this case since we will not be receiving payment from Disney.  This non-refundable, non-transferable planning fee is for our professional planning services only. Planning fees are determined by the number of guests, your length of stay, and your individual planning needs. Please inquire with your Dream Maker for more information.

Interested in transferring a (non-Disney) cruise reservation?  Call or e-mail us for more information.

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