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I am a life long New Yorker who briefly lived in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn and moved to Long Island, New York as a child. My love for travel came from my dad at a young age. My father worked for the airlines and our first family trip was to Disneyland in California. My trip to Disneyland had me hooked! It was magical and like no other vacation experience I had ever had!


Our family then headed to Disney World! My love for Disney only grew stronger and again it was Magical and like no other vacation I had gone on! Fast forward a few years, and I became a manager for the Disney Stores. This was like visiting Disney every day! There was a certain type of magic when you went to work, the music and merchandise made it all the better. Who doesn't want to have a plush mountain in the store they worked that was filled with all your Disney Pals?

When I became engaged, I knew exactly where I was spending my honeymoon and it was at Disney World staying at the Grand Floridian! My trips to Disney World continued and as we expanded our family, naturally, we celebrated in Disney World! We continue to visit to this day, and I love assisting and guiding my friends and family on their Disney vacations as well!


My Travel experience encompasses many other types of travel. I have sent my clients on guided tours in the USA and Europe, as well as All-Inclusive vacations in the Caribbean and even rail tours. I look forward to assisting you and yours in planning an amazing and memorable vacation.


““Jamie was amazing. She even went above and beyond when our flight was delayed to make sure we didn’t miss our connecting flight. She stayed in contact the whole time.""

Jessica and Hunter J.

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