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Hi! My name is Deanne and I'm from Northeast Georgia. I am, of course, obsessed with all things Disney but I also currently work in retail pharmacy. I am a true Sagittarius at heart and always love to be moving and traveling. 


As a child, I only went to Disney World once. ONCE. I still had a passion and love for all the things it represented but I had barely gotten to experience the true magic. I had the opportunity as an adult to visit with some family friends and from the moment I stepped into Magic Kingdom, it was all over from there. I remember texting my fiance while in line for Space Mountain like, "we HAVE to come back, this place is amazing!"

Needless to say, not even a year later I purchased my annual pass and have visited every 2-3 months since. It's truly my second home. My current goal is to stay at every resort on property and my long-term goal is to visit every Disney park in the world! 

Experiencing Disney itself for me was magical but I've now had the pleasure to plan/take several trips within the last couple of years with family and friends that either have never been or haven't been in 10+ years. Seeing the magic really come alive for them is something that fuels my fire and that's what led me to Diserella! I love helping plan the magic and seeing the memories come to life and I hope to help you plan the best and most magical vacation you could ever dream of! 


"There's a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day. There's a great big beautiful tomorrow and tomorrow's just a dream away!" - Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress 


Deanne Toth was an amazing planner for our weekend getaway trip! She took care of everything. She gave details for resorts, restaurants, and rides. She even gave opinions on what we should do first or what we should try so we could enjoy the trip to the fullest. Every question, big or small, was answered. She helped get us into virtual queues and woke up early for us to get our reservations set correctly. She made our trip the best and we are already planning to use her for our next big trip in 2024! She will always be our go to travel agent for vacations. If you are planning a trip, I HIGHLY suggest reaching out to her for help. It helps keep the magic of the trip alive since she does all of the back end planning, seamlessly, for you.


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