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Emily Bangerter

Gold Travel Advisor

Salem, Utah Travel Agent

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Usually when you see children (or even adults) crying in amusement parks it’s because they are overwhelmed, exhausted, or too scared of the rides. This never has been the case for me. When I went to Disneyland for the first time at age 3, I was not crying because I didn’t want to get on the “It’s a Small World” boat, I was crying because they were making me get off of the boat when it was over! It was then that I discovered that I not only was a ride junkie, but that I loved all things Disney. 

This love of Disney also developed from its daily necessity for my two disabled sisters. After many experiments, we discovered that Disney (especially it’s music) is one of the only things that make my disabled sisters truly happy. Since I’ve seen and heard Disney music and movies on 2 different television sets all day, every day for over 20 years, you could say I’m a Disney expert. Most people would probably go crazy going through anything like that for so long, but there is something truly magical about Disney that touches our hearts and brightens our day.

Once we learned how accommodating Disney was with their services for disabled guests, we started taking my Autistic sister to Disneyland, and she absolutely LOVES it! She loves it so much that we have been going to Disney amusement parks almost every year for the past 10 years!


Universal Studios Resort in Orlando, Florida is another one of my favorite theme parks where I have been many times to fulfill my thrill ride junkie fix. I’ve even experienced the unique and gorgeous Aulani Resort while I lived in Hawaii for 4 years. I believe that I have a unique perspective of the Disney amusement parks because of our yearly trips with my Autistic sister. I know how to make use of Disney resources and make an enjoyable trip for all, but especially those with disabilities.


Besides enjoying amusement parks, traveling is also a passionate hobby of mine. I have traveled to over 20 countries (some on cruises) and many places within the United States. I get very excited to give advice and help others plan their own vacations. I am also fluent in Spanish and will be able to accommodate Spanish speaking clients. I look forward to helping you book your own magical Disney vacation for your specific needs and interests. Let me handle all your travel plans from beginning to end so you can get the most enjoyment out of your trip, and you won’t be the adult crying in the amusement park anymore. Please contact me today to start planning your next vacation.


“We just got back from our Disney vacation!  Emily has helped us plan this trip for months.  We went the opening day for Galaxy’s Edge which was not planned but Emily kept us very informed and help us with the information we needed to get reservations for Galaxy’s Edge while we were there.  I would message her all the time with questions, and she was quick to answer and help out any way she could.  We picked up our tickets and package at our hotel and everything went seamlessly.  Through out our stay everyone asked where we got our Galaxy’s Edge lanyards courtesy of your travel agency.  Emily even left a personal gift in Disneyland for us to pick up.  If you want a personal touch as you plan your trip, work with Emily.  I will definitely be working with her again."

Amanda M.

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