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My name is Grayce Britt. I live in Greer, SC with my husband and my dog. I have lived in SC my whole life and I am a country girl. My loves are country music, soccer, and of course DISNEY! I started playing soccer when I was five and haven’t stopped since. I played in college at North Greenville University and still play now as an adult. I have also always loved Disney. I grew up on Disney movies. My favorite movie of all time is The Lion King and my favorite Disney princess is Mulan. My love for the parks started when I was in middle school and my mom and I went to Disney World. When I walked into Magic Kingdom, my mouth dropped. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. After that amazing trip, is when I started learning all about the parks and the cruise line.

I try to share my love for Disney to everyone who books with me. I know the parks in and out and I am very passionate about helping people have the best trip ever!


“I love using your agent. Grayce is always a joy. And my rundisney gift bag was WONDERFUL!"

Erin C-T

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