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Hi! I'm Jasmine. Anyone who's talked to me for 30 seconds knows that I'm a Disney lover and anyone who's talked to me for 60 seconds knows that I love to travel. As a young kid, I remember taking family vacations every year. My earliest vacation memory is from being 6 years old and experiencing Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando for the first time. From my first trip to Disney to zip-lining in St. Lucia, I have amazing travel memories that will last me a lifetime.


I've been a Disney lover my entire life, but it was actually when I worked in the parks during the Disney College Program that my love grew ten-fold. I could feel the magic because I helped create it. I love sharing tips and tricks that I learned from visiting Walt Disney World on an almost daily basis. On top of that, I've been fortunate enough to experience the Disney parks and Universal parks on both coasts multiple times. And while Disney is, and will always be my first love, I have found another love in cruising. Adventure is out there and I'm here to help you have the adventure of a lifetime in the way that best suits you!

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