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Josh Doremus

Senior Travel Advisor

Harrison, Tennessee Travel Agent

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I grew up in a little town in east Tennessee that’s full of used car lots, cash advances, tattoo shops and Mexican restaurants . I make fun of it a lot but it’s full of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet and it’s home.

I’ve been playing music, pretty much, my whole life. Either in bands at school, church or the band “duration.” I currently lead worship every week at my church, and I love serving the people God has placed me with.

I have been massively blessed with two beautiful daughters, Brayln and Everly.  I promise you that they won’t wear anything but princess dresses and they have them all! 

Disney World has become a huge part of my life over the last 10 years. It started out just being a place we would go for a day while we were at a Florida beach. Now the beach is the place we might go while at Disney! I love planning our trips to Disney almost as much as I love being there.

Seeing the joy on my daughters' faces as they hug Princess Belle or Pluto is so incredible. It’s why we keep coming back. My goal is to help people have the best vacation ever and to experience that joy. To experience the magic of Disney!


“Love the enthusiasm Josh has. I have given his name to my coworkers, two of which had him plan their trip as well. Working on my next visit in December."

Deana W.

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