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Julie Jensen

Eagan, Minnesota Disney Vacation Planner

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have been able to travel as much as I have. From an early age, my parents were able to take my two brothers and I on several family vacations and those are the memories I treasure most. My first trip to Walt Disney World when I was nine years old. From then on I was hooked on Disney!!

After several more trips to Walt Disney World, I still get excited booking my next trip, trying something new and seeing the joy in my children’s eyes when they travel! My daughter is six and she has been to Walt Disney World twice and she calls me the Disney Queen (that makes her the Disney Princess of course!). My son was there at 3 months old - he’ll definitely have to go back since he doesn’t remember a thing!

I enjoy everything Disney - I collected the VHS tapes, DVD’s and now Blue Ray movies, teapots, cookie jars, paintings, and of course the trading pins. If you love Disney, I would love to share stories and even help you plan your next trip!

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