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Kristopher Stephenson is an experienced traveler and former Walt Disney World cast member, bringing a wealth of firsthand knowledge and passion to his clients' travel experiences. His journey with travel began at the young age of 2, and since then, he has explored various forms of travel, from cross country road trips and flights all over to group travel and cruises. Having visited 33 states already, Kristopher is eagerly anticipating his upcoming adventures to complete his exploration of all 50 states.


Kristopher's deep-rooted love for Disney shines through his extensive experience as a participant in the Disney College Program. His time at Disney not only honed his expertise in all things Disney but also instilled in him a strong commitment to exceptional guest service. Friends and family frequently turn to Kristopher for travel advice and assistance, recognizing his dedication to ensuring every journey is not just memorable but magical. With Kristopher's guidance, clients can expect top notch guest service, insider tips, and unparalleled enthusiasm for creating unforgettable travel experiences.

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