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A Day Away In Paradise

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Ever wanted to just get away from it all for a day? Whether it's over a long weekend break or in the middle of your busy theme park vacation, Discovery Cove may just be the answer. As part of our Orlando Agency Training trip back in February, I joined some of my fellow Diserella travel consultants on a tour of this day resort tucked away in the middle of busy Orlando.

This sister park to SeaWorld Orlando may be close to the action of Orlando and the other theme parks, but it takes visitors away to an island paradise for a day of relaxation and fun. Upon entering the resort, we checked in at the front desk to receive our itinerary and suggestions for the day. Although we were just there to basically “check things out” we became fully immersed in the atmosphere and “tropical resort” feel guests get in coming to this secluded oasis.

Since Discovery Island is a day resort, guests are encouraged to arrive as early as 7:15 to check-in and get ready for a day of fun, relaxation, adventure and great memories. Another advantage of early arrival is being greeted by the resort’s welcome committee – a flamboyance of flamingos as they strut across the white sands from The Grand Reef to the Courtyard to get their day started in style.

Things we loved about Discovery Cove:

First off – it’s an all-inclusive day. Guests will receive complimentary wet suits or swim vests, sunscreen and towels, lockers, AND breakfast, lunch and all the snacks you wish to enjoy during the day. What else do you need? Just bring your ID, bathing suit and dry clothes and your phone or camera to capture those great memories. Added to all the inclusive goodies is the fact that attendance is limited each day, so you truly feel like an exclusive guest.

"Having a cap on attendance and being able to experience both an ocean and pool experience was great."


A Variety of activity levels for all age groups around the resort. There is Serenity Bay, a quiet relaxation 85-degree pool great for getting away with a good book and refreshing drink. Whole families can enjoy the soothing current of the Winding River or have fun swimming in the Freshwater Oasis. Beach fun is abundant both at the dolphin swim area and The Grand Reef. One of the best elements is that families could separate to different areas for part of the day, but still be close by to each other in this small

tropical resort.

"As a mom with older teens Serenity Bay would be a great place for me to enjoy for an hour or so while the teens swam in one of the pools. Discovery Cove is small enough that we can go in separate directions for a while but still be close together." ---- Pamela

The animal encounters are awesome. Guests can spend some time swimming face-to-face with playful otters and observe the cute marmosets at the Freshwater Oasis, then head over to The Grand Reef for some snorkeling with an array of beautiful fish. Those more adventurous can head deeper into the reef to observe the reef sharks in their habitat. Discovery Cove even has its own aviary where guests can feed an assortment of birds; some which will fly right up and perch on your hand!

"I love that the attendance is capped so that you know it is never going to be too busy. It’s like going to the pool and the ocean at the same time. The animals are fantastic!" ----Maris

Learning and Adventure are at your fingertips. Numerous opportunities are available each day to observe enrichment sessions with the animals giving guests the ability to gain new tidbits of knowledge to take home to impress friends. Discovery Cover also allows guests to add-on some “extra cool” experiences such as a swim with the dolphins, ray feeding and SEAVENTURE: and underwater walking tour of The Grand Reef.

"I love that it is a safe way to learn about and experience marine creatures. My husband and I are both a bit fearful of the ocean itself but love animals so the idea that we can have the experiences in a safe, controlled and relaxing environment is great!" ----Christine

Park Accessibility is a big part of Discovery Cove; an aspect that makes the resort very inclusive to all family members. From wheelchairs with extra large wheels for getting guests around on the sand to signs with the IBCCES Sensory Guide as part of their Autism Certification, Discovery Cove has worked hard to make the resort a place that all feel welcome. The staff of Discovery Cove is ready to meet the needs of each guest that comes to visit.

"I love how relaxing it felt and everything runs at a slower pace." -----Kimberly

So whether you choose to catch some rays on the beach, fill the day with swimming, or explore a mix of all things Discovery Cove has to offer, your visit at the “tropical resort” will be filled with many memories and exciting experiences.

Left to Right: Christine Cooney, Bailey & Josh Doremus, Kimberly Summerville, Mary Beth Stephens, Pamela Guffey, Taylor Bailey, Maris Papadopoulos

To book your Discovery Cove Day in Paradise, contact one of the Diserella Travel Advisors.


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