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Dining at Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures

Disney's Princess Breakfast Adventures is a prix fixe upscale breakfast experience perfect for the princess and prince at heart.

Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures

This special dining experience is located at Disney's Grand Californian Resort in the Napa Rose restaurant. Upon entering, live calming music, warm lighting and rustic décor are inviting and welcoming. Stopping first at the hostess stand to check-in, they seat you in a waiting area where you meet your first princess!

The princesses rotate where they meet, however, I will give you a description of those I met on my visit and how the rotation works.  I was seated at a table for 2 with a checkerboard on the table. I waited about 10 minutes before the cast member came over to walk me to the first patio for my meet n greet with my first princess, Princess Tiana.

After my visit, I went back to my table and waited about 10 more minutes before I was escorted to my dining table. My table décor was simple but elegant. Simple pink roses, with a cloth rose napkin in a coffee mug. My waiter was very attentive, friendly and let me take my time between courses.

The waiter explained how to meet the remaining princesses, this is another way this restaurant is different from any other character dining at which I have dined. At most character dining restaurants the characters rotate around the restaurants and tables to greet the guests. At the Princess Breakfast Adventures, you go to the characters at your convenience during your meal or between courses. There is a patio where you head outside to meet 1 or 2 on your way to meet the main princess of the breakfast, or rather that rotation.

The first princess to meet on the patio was Mulan, Mulan was simply amazing and joyful to be around.

After meeting the princess on the patio you head back inside where you meet another princess in a decorated room, this time it was Jasmine who flew in on her magic carpet. This princess has a photopass photographer with them and the photos are included with your dining.

After enjoying my first course, I realized the princesses had changed and I headed out one more time to meet the new arrivals! Same concept as above but this time there were 3 princesses on the patio. Tiana, Belle in her blue dress, and Pocahontas (too bad her friend Meeko couldn’t make an appearance, he is so cute!) and Rapunzel was the character inside with the photopass photographer.

Since Tiana had moved over with the other princesses, I also took this time to check out her original meeting place. Aurora was now greeting guests in the waiting area. I headed back over and to met her on the patio.

If you were counting, that is a total of 7 princesses during this breakfast!

If meeting so many princesses weren't enough, let's talk about the amazing array of food and beverages. First course is a delightful selection of appetizers served to your table including a basket of pastries and a plate of appetizers that included items like granola parfait and a lobster roll.

The main course is served buffet style with a side of fries delivered directly to your table. The options on this menu was a selection of chicken and mickey waffles, eggs, turkey sausage, fresh fruit and so many more options.

Last but not least is the dessert course. I was served dessert on a single plate, but if you go with a group of people it is served family style on a tiered tray. Every plate is sprinkled with pixie dust and made with the princesses in mind.

The price for this dining experience is $125 per person, for those ages 3+. While the price is higher than most character meals, this breakfast was an amazing fine dining experience. I sat next to some wonderful families who were willing to share the gift their little princesses received at the end of the meal, a cute silver tiara necklace and a canvas bag to keep all of their treasures!

Overall, the ambiance, the amount of food, my interactions with the princesses makes this experience at the top of my list. As a solo traveler this was a great breakfast with ample food offerings, and I would recommend for anyone wanting a slower paced, upscale character dining experience.



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