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Disney A to Z: Disney is a...Diner's Delight (Part 1)

When most people are asked what comes to mind when they think of Walt Disney World, the answers of Mickey Mouse, Cinderella's Castle, and probably an attraction such as "it's a small world" or Expedition Everest would be most common. Very few people, if any, would respond "food". But to be honest, food is a major part of all of our trips to Walt Disney World. And whether we are a fast-food junkie, a sweets savorist, a fine-dining connoisseur, or like the majority of us are, somewhere in the middle of all of those, Walt Disney World is a diner's delight.

It offers a plethora of opportunities for us to both delight in favorites as well as explore new tastes.

Let's first explore those iconic foods that are an integral part of the Walt Disney World experience. Whether it's a sweet pineapple dole whip in Adventureland, a classic Mickey Mouse pretzel picked up near the castle, or a churro from the Mexican pavilion in Epcot, everyone has at least one favorite snack that is a must on each visit.

My personal favorite currently? The Nutella Fresh Fruit Waffle at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments. YUM! But don't wait too late in the morning to grab this gem. It is not offered after about 11:00 am. (Trust me, I learned from personal experience to add this to my plans EARLY in the day.)

Dig a little deeper in the snack dining options and you will find some fun- and yum-filled selections. Who wouldn't want to enjoy fresh popcorn out of a creatively Disney shaped bucket. (Check out this awesomely cute Simba popcorn bucket I decided upon on my last trip -- there are a lot of options so the choosing was not easy). Select your bucket early in your trip as your can refill for a nominal fee every time that urge for some popped goodness hits.

Of course will need a drink to wash it all down. Best option for this? Your resort mug of course. Purchase one when you arrive and fill it up at the self-serve drink station at the resorts the length of your stay. They are only good for free drink fill-ups at the resorts but worth carrying around to use in the parks for those complimentary ice waters during the day.

While you are connecting souvenir containers, might as well add the Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae to the list. It's not that "ginormouse" kitchen sink that is offered inside Beaches and Cream at Disney's Beach Club, but a smaller version that comes in a cute red plastic Mickey sink. It's still large enough for several folks to share, but not too large that you fill you need a wheelbarrow to haul you back to your room.

My cabinet is now filled with more Disney mugs than glassware, Simba watches over me in the laundry room and I think my Mickey kitchen sink currently holds crayons. Yep, your never know what purpose your Disney Food vessel will find upon entering your home.

Let's talk a little "real" food now. Now I am known to hunt out all the newest sweet treats Disney has to offer, but I know that many others enjoy some substantial dining. Walt Disney World has some amazing quick serve options that are staples within the parks and resorts as well as seasonal offerings that are a must to try.

Upon planning a visit for the reopening of Walt Disney World's four parks and a select number of resorts, I was introduced to something new ---MOBILE ORDERING. Now its not a new concept to Walt Disney World, but I had never used it before and I bet many other guests found themselves in the same boat as mobile ordering is now pretty much required. We were in uncharted water (or at least it felt that way). I now am so glad I had to make this change to my normal way of doing things as it gave me much more of an opportunity to explore all the great quick serve dining choices available both in the parks and at the resorts. (I'll address more of how this was a life changer next week).

Ok, yes one of our family favorites is still going to be the totchoes at Woody's Lunchbox located at Hollywood Studios, but there is definitely a whole lot more to venture to in the world of food around the parks and resorts. One of my best tips now, take a mid-day break from Magic Kingdom, put in your mobile order for Captain Cook's at the Polynesian Resort*, hop on the monorail for a quick ride over to grab your meal and enjoy by the lake.

(*the monorail stop at Poly is currently being re-furbished but will return soon)

And what park should you make sure to visit for a real food adventure? Epcot ! The Epcot festivals held throughout the year are a dining delight. From special kiosks set up around the park with food crafted specifically for the festival to the everyday selections available at the snack and quick-serve locations at each of the World Showcase pavilions, guests are sure not to go hungry during a visit to this park.

Popular things we like to do? Everyone in our park purchase a meal at one of the World Showcase countries, then we all meet back up to share our dishes. Another favorite? When we have park hopper, we like to enjoy a day at one of the other parks and ride over to Epcot for a late evening/night walk around the park and snack.

Have I made you hungry yet? Well, a trip to Walt Disney World to enjoy some of these "quick" options will take care of that. Need a little more food prodding? Stay tuned for part 2 as I delve more into the world of food at Disney.

Contact your Diserella Travel Consultant today and let's talk about how we can create a plan to enjoy all that Disney has to offer.

About the Author:

Pamela Guffey

Pamela has been visiting the Walt Disney World parks for over 30 years, first as a child herself and most recently with her granddaughter.

Contact her today to start planning your magical vacation.


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