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Disney Genie+ Explained

Genie+ is not to be confused with the free Genie app features. Genie and Genie+ are actually two separate things.

Genie+ is a ticket upgrade option that allows you to use the Lightning Lane at more than 40 attractions throughout the Disney World parks. The Lightning Lane is the same thing as what was previously called the Fastpass line. Using Genie+ allows you to schedule a time to visit an attraction and use the Lightning Lane to bypass the standby line thereby reducing your wait time in line. Genie+ is currently only available at Walt Disney World, although it is expected to be launched at the Disneyland parks in California later this year.

At launch, the following attractions will have Lightning Lane access through Genie+:

Here are a few more things you should know about Genie+:

  • You may add Genie+ to your park tickets when you book your reservation or you may purchase it individually each day of your trip. If you are already booked, your Diserella Travel Advisor can add Genie+ to your reservation up to 1 day prior to your arrival.

  • If you have Park Hopper tickets, the Genie+ purchase is good for all parks you visit in a single day.

  • Lightning Lane selections cannot be made in advance. The window for booking Lightning Lane selections begins at 7 AM each day.

  • When making a Lightning Lane selection, Genie+ will only show you the next available time for each available attraction. You will not have a choice of times for each attraction, but you will have a choice of attractions depending on availability.

  • If you make a Lightning Lane selection that is a significant time in the future (~120 minutes or more), Genie+ will usually allow you to make and hold a second Lightning Lane selection. Otherwise, you may only hold one Lightning Lane selection at a time. Once you’ve redeemed your initial selection (or the arrival window has passed), you can make another selection using the app, up to park closing.

  • Some of the most in-demand attractions in each park are not included in Genie+; however, a Lightning Lane time for these attractions can be reserved seperately using the Individual Attraction Selection process.

So, how much will Genie+ cost you? Genie+ is $15 per day, per person. Will you pay to add Genie+ to your Disney vacation? Let us know in the comments below.


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