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Travel Agents Rock!

While traveling last week I happened to overhear a gentleman say to a friend If there

was still such a thing as travel agents, my wife would love to be one." Of course, I stopped in my tracks, turned to him and said "There is still such a thing and I

happen to be one."

That made me wonder, how many people think that being a travel agent is a career

choice that no longer exists. Many people think with the ease of researching and

booking online that travel agents are no longer a needed presence in the planning of


Well I beg to differ. Travel agents, or travel planners/advisors as we now prefer to be

called, are just as essential BECAUSE of the internet and ease of booking.

Why? you ask. Because now there is so much information, so many choices and so

many mixed reviews readily at your fingertips that you really do need someone to assist

in weeding through it all, giving you an honest opinion of what is valuable and the best

option for your travel party, and for weaving together a plan that fits together perfectly

(or as perfectly as we can get) to make the most out of your dream vacation. And this is

just the tip of the iceberg of what we do -- or at least those of us that are on TEAM

DISERELLA (but more on that later).

So are you still skeptical? Do you think that the need for Travel Agents are a thing of the

past? I challenge you to give us a try. Contact me and let me prove my worth - I am

sure you will be more than happy you did.

Cause you want to know something a lot of our Diserella clients have said recently....


About the Author:

Pamela has been visiting the Walt Disney World parks for over 30 years, first as a child herself and most recently with her granddaughters.

Contact her today to start planning your magical vacation.


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