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Hi’ya, Pals! I’m Sarah and I am a lover of all things Disney! I live in Morehead, Kentucky but that doesn’t stop me from spreading the Disney magic! My first Disney experience was in 2004 when my family took our first trip to Walt Disney World and ever since then I have been a Disney girl through and through. The magic I got to experience with my family was something I will never forget! In 2016 I took the leap and moved from my small Kentucky hometown and moved to Florida to attend the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World. My role as a cast member was driving and conducting on the train in Animal Kingdom - The Wild Life Express. One of my favorite experiences at Walt Disney World was when I did the Wild Africa Trek which is the private safari tour located in Animal Kingdom. Although I have a lot of experience and know a lot of facts about Walt Disney World, you can always find me somewhere sunny, warm, and sandy.

My goal as a travel advisor is to help families create these memories that will last a lifetime. Materialized things will always come and go but our time and memories with our family and friends will always be with us. Helping families plan out the perfect vacation is my number one priority as a travel advisor. I am there for you 24/7 throughout the whole process. If you’re ready to talk Disney and plan out your magical vacation, let’s get to chatting!!


““Jamie was amazing. She even went above and beyond when our flight was delayed to make sure we didn’t miss our connecting flight. She stayed in contact the whole time.""

Jessica and Hunter J.

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