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Professional Service Fees

Why do we sometimes charge a professional service fee?

Our travel advisors have dedicated a vast amount of time and resources into their professional education and deserve to be compensated for their time and expertise. Most of our suppliers pay travel advisors a commission for booking clients with their products. However, there are some travel suppliers and products that do not pay any commission at all. Because we have your best interest at heart and because we are in the business of providing the best travel experiences possible for your specific needs and wants, it sometimes is necessary for our advisors to charge a fee in order to be compensated for their work. ASTA, the American Society of Travel Advisors, encourages and endores travel advisor service fees.

What types of trips require a professional service fee?

  • Disney World vacations with less than 3 day tickets 

  • Disney World bookings at Fort Wilderness Campground sites

  • Disneyland vacations with less than 2 day tickets

  • Universal Orlando vacations with less than 2 day tickets

  • In some cases, Disney or Universal bookings when tickets are booked through a third-party

  • Some flight bookings

  • Custom designed domestic and international travel itineraries

Disney and Universal do not pay commission on some 1 and 2 day tickets. Our travel advisors are Disney and Universal experts with a extensive knowledge they pass on to their clients regardless of the number of park days. We know you appreciate your advisors' time and efforts in planning your magical vacation and want them to be compensated fairly.

Airlines stopped paying travel advisors commission many years ago. While we sometimes book flights for our clients as a complimentary service, other times a nominal service fee per ticket is necessary to  compensate the advisor.

Custom designed domestic and international itineraries always incur a professional service fee. A custom itinerary requires an incredible amount of time, research, and expertise regardless of the destination, often far more work than the standard commission compensates. Additionally, a service fee allows the travel advisor to remain commission-neutral, meaning they can choose accommodations, tours, and activities for you regardless of whether or not a commission is provided. This ensures you receive the best possible experience and prices for your wants and needs. 

How much is the professional service fee?

Travel advisors are allowed to set their own fees and most determine their fees on a case-by-case basis. 

Destination, length of trip, number of travelers, and other factors go into consideration when determining the fee. Your travel advisor will discuss their professional service fee with you during the consultation process, and once the fee is agreed upon, payment is required prior to any planning or booking. Should your trip plans change substanially, an additional fee may be required. All professional service fees are non-refundable. 

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