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Hello! I am a wife, mother, and Disney enthusiast from Huntsville, Alabama. I have loved all things Disney for as long as I can remember; some of my earliest memories are rewatching Toy Story 2 on VHS tape over and over again until the tape wore out. Once I realized that Disney World was more than just a store at the shopping mall, I begged my family to take me to the parks. I first visited Disney World for my 10th birthday and was instantly hooked! Disney has been a celebration spot for me over the years. Competing in Health Occupational Students of America competitions, graduating high school, and getting married were some of my milestones that were celebrated with Disney World vacations. I love to share Disney advice and tricks with others. I understand that Disney can be very intense, especially for first-timers. I’m here to help make the planning smooth and easy! Making vacations magical is a true passion for me!


““Jamie was amazing. She even went above and beyond when our flight was delayed to make sure we didn’t miss our connecting flight. She stayed in contact the whole time.""

Jessica and Hunter J.

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