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Hi friends! My name is Suzannah Wilson and a love of travel was instilled in me from a young age, taking family road trips to National Parks and other landmarks. My parents worked from home and my sisters and I were homeschooled, so we hit the road for weeks at a time. As a young adult, I toured the United States twice teaching public speaking and planning events with an educational non-profit. In two years I travelled over 50,000 miles!


On the second tour, it was my job to plan my team's days off work, which usually featured a brand new destination to explore in one short day. I feel most like myself when I'm in motion, but I love planning trips *almost* as much as I love taking them. I want to bring all that excitement, and my planning background together to make your next vacation your dream vacation.

Over the years I've put together trips for my friends and family, becoming the person my friends turn to to ask about their Disney vacations especially. It felt natural to me to put these passions and experiences to use and join my dream industy in travel. When I'm not geeking out about theme parks or travel you might find me geeking about New York City (I've been every year except 2020 since 2017!) reviewing haunted attractions, dressing up for Rennaissance festivals or singing in my girl group. Oh, and my personal blog Wonders of Life Blog, where I share a little bit of all of this! I do my best to bring enthusiasm to whatever I'm working on and have been called "extra" by many, and I take it as a compliment and put it to use!


Whether you've been a long-time theme park fan or are taking your first trip to Disney or Universal, I want to build that anticipation with you and create something truly magical. See you real soon!

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