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'Up! A Great Bird Adventure' Review

Updated: May 21, 2023

Up! A Great Bird Adventure, the revamp of the previous bird show Flights of Wonder, debuted last month at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Much like Flights of Wonder, the new show features a number of bird species and highlights their natural talents and traits. This new version of the shop sees a re-write of the script, a few new tricks, and the inclusion of Doug and Russell from Disney's computer-animated film 'Up!'

The show begins with a dancing storyteller who projects a mystical, ethereal, Mother Earth vibe.

A few minutes later that feeling Doug and Russel make their entrance and the show's tone takes a decidedly Disney Junior vibe.

If you want to play a small part in the show, you'll want to position yourself at the inside end of bench in the floor section of seating (not the bleachers).

My opinion of the show: I think it's worth seeing at least once. For us, Flights of Wonder wasn't a must-do on every visit either, but we'd stop and see it if we were killing time between FastPass reservations or if we had a Disney newbie with us. Teens and adults will be less thrilled with this incarnation of the bird show, and likely find themselves rolling their eyes more than once. The pre-school set, on the other hand, are going to love it. An eight year-old girl sitting next to us proclaimed it "cool," so there you have it.

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