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7 Reasons to Visit WDW in 2020 - #1 Low Crowds & Short Lines

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

This week we're giving you 7 Reasons to Visit Walt Disney World in 2020. Let me preface this by saying that we know not everyone can or should travel right now. We're understanding and respectful of both sides, but we do want to be here for our clients who are ready to travel and help them have the best experience possible.

So, without further ado, reason #1 to visit WDW in 2020 is LOW CROWDS and SHORT LINES. Wow! I don't think we have ever seen such low attendance at WDW ever. Flight of Passage with a 5 minute wait! Ten minute wait for the Millenium Falcon and Slinky Dog! Most rides are walk ons with some of the more popular attractions having up to 30 minute waits at peak times. We've found that the ride times posted in the park and on the MDE app are often about twice as long as the actual wait. If you want the opportunity to ride your favorite rides over and over again with minimal wait times, NOW is the time to go. One of our clients rode Flight of Passage 7 times in a row with no waits at all!

If you're ready to book your 2020 or 2021 Disney vacation, let us help you make the most of the magic. Contact us today at to start planning your magical vacation!


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