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Traveling Solo: Oh, so good for the soul!

It feels like my whole life I have been taking care of others. I have been a daughter, sister, Social Worker, and most importantly a mother. I take pride and it honors me to help others and support them; however, deep down there is a longing for connection to myself. I am confident in thinking that I am not alone in this.

October 2020, I decided to take a solo Disney trip for my Birthday. I had struggled with not feeling connected to myself. I was home taking care of my 3 kids and teaching online school to them along with doing my work from home like many other people during the pandemic. I needed to get away, rejuvenate and feel joy and what better place than Disney. Really a solo trip can be taken anywhere but for me, Disney was calling.

There were 3 big takeaways I had from my solo trip that I would like to share.

  • Dopamine. A neurotransmitter/hormone that offers you positive memories and rewards, allowing you to feel joy beyond comparison. Doing something for me, being selfish even for a little while, released so much Dopamine for me that it changed me. It allowed me to experience what life had to offer and feel alive. I was also able to connect with people there and make social connections that are so good for the soul. I was able to control my time how I wanted, do whatever I wanted to and had to answer to no one!! So freeing.

  • Empowerment. Empowerment by definition is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights. I loved getting to “travel the world” at Epcot and connect with other cultures and take my time exploring what each country had to offer. I felt empowered to choose where to go, what to eat, when to leave and take a break or keep pushing through the day! At the end of this trip, I felt so confident and strong, ready to take on the world. Which leads me to my last takeaway.

  • Self-Confidence. A feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment. Getting on that first plane on my way to Florida by myself, my first solo flight as well, was pretty intimidating. I am not going to lie. However, the feeling of arriving at my destination was oh so sweet! I was happy to have made the decision to take the trip and was so excited to get to be by myself.

This experience gave me perspective and that was really what I needed. It led me to quit my job and aspire to make my dreams a reality. My dreams of travel, of helping others travel and reach their highest heights. I am still on that journey, navigating my way through life. I want to learn more about this wonderful world we live in and follow my heart to do what makes me happy.

I would encourage you to find that place for yourself. That place of contentment and self-confidence, self-love. Where is it for you? Where can you go to clear your head and find that peace we all long for. We at Diserella are here to walk you through that, help you along the way; but take the trip. Don’t wait and see where your imagination can take you!

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