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Who’s Hungry? Tusker House Review

Well if you aren’t, you will be after this post. I’m about to discuss one of my favorite restaurants at Walt Disney World, Tusker House.

Tusker House is a character buffet restaurant in Animal Kingdom, located in the Africa section of the park, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For breakfast, you can enjoy different African inspired breads, Mickey and Simba waffles, eggs, bacon, curry with jasmine rice, and my husband’s favorite; doughnut holes.

The lunch and dinner options include Moroccan-spiced Beef, marinated Pork, roasted herb chicken and curry shrimp. This is also where you can sip on the famous POG juice (passionfruit, orange, and guava juice).

It is nice that Tusker House has the tried and true favorites, but also some more adventurous food items. I have been to this restaurant several times and have never been disappointed.

Here is the current pricing for Tusker House:

Breakfast = $29 per child $45 per adult

Lunch and Dinner = $38 per child $59 per adult

This restaurant is not only known for its great flavorful food, but also for the characters you get to see. Here you will find Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Minnie in their safari gear. They are all so cute and the best part is, you don’t have to wait in a long line in the heat to meet them. My son loved seeing the characters throughout the meal. It definitely helps keep the kiddos entertained while everyone eats and takes a break.

I recommend booking a breakfast reservation if you can. Even better, get a late breakfast reservation around 10:15-10:30, then you still get the breakfast price, but you might get both breakfast and lunch food options since they will be switching it out at 11am. We did this one time and it worked great. We went on the safari in the morning, then to our reservation at 10:30am and got both breakfast and lunch food offerings. Then we went right over to the Festival of the Lion King show, so all of our food could digest.

Let me know in the comments if you've dined at Tusker House and if you liked it or not.



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