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Walt Disney World Souvenirs Worth the Money

Many visits to Walt Disney World have guests overwhelmed with the amount of very cool merchandise that is offered. Some are common like the many tee shirts, photo frames and plushes that are at every vacation spot. Others are a little more unique and designed just for Disney such as the Droids, purses and artwork. And although Disney World does offer a good selection of reasonably priced souvenirs, some can get a little more pricey. So what are a few of these souvenirs that might well be worth spending a little extra money? Here are a few that we like best.

Memory Maker

Not a souvenir you will pick up in the parks, but one you purchase in advance, Memory Maker is a great addition for many Disney trips. At $169, if you enjoy photo-documenting your adventures, having the whole group in all your pics, and are planning on a trip with at least three days in the parks, Memory Maker is a worthwhile investment. You will discover a number of photographers around the park ready to capture family pictures in prime locations, some even with a little extra "magic" added. Several attractions will greet guests with shots of their reactions during the rides. Disney has even added a few "photo-studios" guests can visit for more posed studio shots with those perfect costumes, matching shirts or celebration pictures. And since the they show up right on your My Disney Experience account, at the end of your Disney vacation, you will have a collection of fun Disney photo memories right at your fingertips.

Popcorn Buckets

One of the most creative, newer souvenirs that has come to the parks in the last few years is the themed popcorn bucket. For around $12 for the regular buckets and $25 for the shaped buckets, guests can purchase a snack and souvenir combined. Explore the parks to grab your favorite -- but buy it early, as the bucket can be refilled for the length of your visit for just $2 each refill. After your trip, you have a fun bucket to use at home for anything from a crayon holder to a flower vase.

Resort Mug

Purchasing a plastic mug for around $20 may seem a little crazy, but if you plan on hanging out around your resort or visiting other resorts, it can be worth it. Purchase your mug at the beginning of your trip and it can be refilled at any resort drink station during the length of your stay. Better yet, its a piece of your trip that can be used on a daily basis upon your return home.

Mickey Ears

Probably the most iconic souvenir that guests can purchase at WDW is a pair of Mickey Ears. Guests can choose from a traditional set of black ears or a themed/decorated pair to match your outfit or promote your favorite Disney theme. There are MANY to select from both for guys and gals.

**Warning -- if you get started on selecting a pair of ears, you may not be able to stop. I started with my first pair on a trip in January 2019 and now have half a wall full.

Dooney and Bourke and Loungefly

Ok, this one is mainly for the ladies, but guys take note. The most expensive items we recommend is a special bag for the ladies from the parks. Both Dooney and Bourke and Loungefly have a created a plethora of beautiful designs just for Disney. Yes, many of them can be purchased online or at a Disney store, but there is something special about finding just the right bag with the perfect placement while you are on your Magical Disney vacation. Guys, your lady will feel extra loved if you take the time to help her find the perfect Disney bag.

Take some time and find that "just right" piece of Disney fun to take home with you. But, no matter what your choice is, make sure it is something that will help you relive the Magical Memories you were able to create on your Disney vacation!

About the Author:

Pamela has been visiting the Walt Disney World parks for over 30 years, first as a child herself and most recently with her granddaughter.

Contact her today to start planning your magical vacation.


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